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Building a Fulfilling Career in Software Development

About the Lecture

How does the tech entrepreneurship environment look like in Afghanistan, the region, and beyond? How can one build a fulfilling career in software development, against all odds? Join us this Saturday at 12GMT as Mr. Sher Shah Rahim shares practical experience on how to embrace the tech odyssey, and how aspiring tech entrepreneurs and professionals can craft the digital experience, turn passion into profit, and maintain relevance.

Mr. Sher Shah Rahim is an Afghan entrepreneur who was previously President/CEO of Intellectual Applications & Products. Among his accomplishments are multimillion-dollar products like WasalPay, KabulReads, and AfghaNet (an internet service provider). Mr. Rahim is also an Afghan member of the World Summit Awards (UNDP) jury, assisting in the achievement of the SDGs through technology, and a mentor at the UNDP’s innovation lab, where he assists and advises emerging entrepreneurs throughout the world.

Building a Fulfilling Career in Software Development

Mr. Sher Shah Rahim

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