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Research at SSL-MENA

The Social Sciences Lab - MENA is taking as research priority to investigate on pertinence issues MENA region are facing today which most of is connected but not limited to the following research areas: Political science, law, economic, sociology and history. But we are also supporting research initiatives on other social sciences branches, which all are included in our programs and activities based on the demands of scholars.

Areas of Research

Political Science

MENA politics, political theory, political behavior, comparative politics, international relations, political participation, democracy, human rights, migration, security, public policies, conflicts managements, gender, religion, etc.


Constitutions, Islamic law, domestic laws, comparative law, etc.


Development, growth, investment, cooperation, monetary and fiscal economics, debt management, etc.


Social movements, historical sociology, sociology of knowledge, criminology, sociology of religion, sociology of economy, rural sociology, urban sociology, political sociology, sociology of demography, sociology of law, industrial sociology, etc.


MENA contemporary history, Islamic civilization, colonial studies, etc.


Include all other social sciences branches, as for example psychology, anthropology, geography, education, etc. 

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