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The Lab in brief

Social Sciences Lab is an independent, non-governmental and non-partisan institute, based in the EU and focused on the MENA region. The Lab aims to establish an interdisciplinary platform to connect worldwide scholars with an interest in MENA studies, further to promote a rich exchange from different visions, and to collaborate for accurate research.

Our efforts include incubating independent and early career scholars, by offering them scientific and technical support, and financial when it's possible within current active projects. Moreover, the lab through its large network and research experience in the MENA, offer package of services that include field research management and  research assistance for organizations or individuals based outside the MENA region.

Our Goals

Connecting worldwide scholars interested in MENA studies

Incubating independent and early career scholars from MENA region

Supporting access to data and

research about MENA

Establishing an

interdisciplinary space

Hosting scholars from outside

the MENA region

Offering research assistance for organizations and individuals including field research management

The Team


Teenli Tan

Executive Director


Hamza Khouaja

Research Manager


Elhafed Nouini

Research Manager


Mohamed Elmustapha Benelhaj

Research Manager


Souad Etmimi

Program Manager

1st Training.png

Laura Fernández Morena

Program Manager

Ojus Tyagi

Ojus Tyagi

Program Assistant

Seth Adjei

Seth Adjei

Program Assistant

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