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Are Work Permit Markets Welfare-Enhancing?

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We're excited to announce that Social Sciences Lab's Saturday Lectures are back! Look forward to a series of insightful public lectures from researchers on contemporary social science issues in the Middle East and North Africa region. Kickstarting this year's series of lectures is Dr. Wifag Adnan from New York University - Abu Dhabi (NYU-Abu Dhabi) who will be speaking on the topic "Are Work Permit Markets Welfare-Enhancing?" on 5 Mar 2022 at 10 GMT. Dr. Adnan's presentation is based on one of her latest projects on the pricing strategies and welfare consequences of a work permit market consisting of Palestinian buyers and Israeli private agents. The event will be livestreamed via Facebook.

Are Work Permit Markets Welfare-Enhancing?

Dr. Wifag Adnan

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