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Dr. Marouan Blaiha

Society and the state, non-institutionalized groups and the state in the MENA region.

I am Marouan Blaiha, a passionate postdoctoral researcher specializing in political sociology keen to understand the dynamics of social conflict between unconventional groups and the state in the MENA region.

Born and raised in Morocco, I embarked on an academic journey at Mohamed V University, where I completed my Bachelor's and master’s degrees in political science. Fascinated by the complexities of political participation and the representations of politics among youth, he delved deeper into the subject for their doctoral studies.

Pursuing my academic aspirations, I obtained my Ph.D. from Ibn Zohr University, delving into extensive research on political participation and how youth perceive and engage in political action. My work shed light on the multifaceted nature of political mobilization, drawing attention to the various determinants governing youth political participation in Morocco.

Throughout My academic journey, I contributed to the field of political sociology, publishing a series of articles that have garnered local and international attention. My research has uncovered critical insights into the complex relationship between society and the state, highlighting the social, cultural, and political factors that shape conflict dynamics.

I am currently focusing on unraveling the intricate sociopolitical fabric that characterizes the interactions between non-institutionalized groups and the state in the MENA region. By studying these dynamics, I aim to deepen my understanding of how such conflicts emerge, evolve, and impact and shape the system of truth among various groups, including the state.

In addition to my research pursuits, I am dedicated to mentorship and fostering academic engagement. I actively participate in conferences and seminars, sharing my insights with fellow researchers, students, and professionals in the field.

Driven by a genuine passion for understanding the complexities of political sociology and its implications for societies in the MENA region, I'm continuing to push boundaries, challenge assumptions, and contribute to the ongoing discourse on conflict dynamics and governance.

Dr. Marouan Blaiha
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