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Dr. Judicaël Alladatin 

Administration, governance and planning of education and training, educational technologies, applied demography and population sciences, economics and sociology of development, administrative and pedagogical engineering.

Judicaël Alladatin is Professor (HDR) of Statistic, Governance, and Educational Planning at the Institute of Education Sciences at UM6P since April 2020. He is also an associate researcher at the International Observatory on the Societal Impacts of AI and the Digital (OBVIA, U. Laval, Quebec).

He received a multidisciplinary academic training: Agro-economist (Engineer, 2007), Socio-economist (DEA, 2009), Socio-demographer (PhD, 2014) and specialist in social work and education (Postdoctorate in Social Work and Educational Sciences).

He successively held the positions of professor at the "Cégep de Gaspé" in Canada, lecturer and postdoctoral researcher at "Laval University", postdoctoral researcher in Education Sciences at the "University of Quebec at Rimouski", and associate professor and department head at the "University of Parakou" in Benin.

His current research focuses on issues related to "sense-making” by the actors; the governance of educational systems, the analysis of pathways, transitions, and historical and socio-cultural transformations; the internal and external efficiency of educational systems, educational technologies, and the use of mixed methods in social sciences.

Dr. Judicaël Alladatin
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